About Christal

Christal Roberts is an Emmy award-winning TV news producer/video editor penning her first mystery novel. 

Set in a fictional Rhode Island seaside town that’s known for attracting affluent Black vacationers, the story follows a freelance newspaper reporter, determined to restore her reputation. However, her plans take an unexpected turn when she stumbles upon the lifeless body of a former source. The story draws inspiration from Christal’s many vacations in Newport, Rhode Island and nearby towns.

A master class in Tuscany, led by bestselling crime writer Elizabeth George, gave Christal the motivation and direction she needed to complete her debut mystery novel and pursue its publication.

Elizabeth George and Christal Roberts

As a child of the TV generation, Christal, a Brooklyn native, developed a love for puzzles and all things media. Armed with her trusty cassette tape recorder, she’d carefully record and edit theme songs from her favorite TV shows. As a bookworm, she’d regularly take armfuls of books from the library.

Given her knack for storytelling, it was only natural for her to pursue a career in TV news, where she could showcase her writing and visual storytelling skills.

In 2008, Christal won an Emmy award for an investigative report about the 9/11 insurance fund, and she’s also the winner of two Front Page awards from the Newswomen’s Club of New York.

During the glory days of blogging, when Twitter and Facebook were still in their infancy, Christal established an entertainment blog that quickly gained popularity. After submitting her work to BlogHer.com, she became one of their first contributing editors. 

Six years and a master’s degree later, Christal taught journalism at Hofstra University and video editing at Nassau Community College.

Christal’s passion for storytelling extends beyond writing; she also dedicates her time to producing and editing the YouTube video series, “10 Questions for Crime Writers of Color.”

A devoted tennis enthusiast, Christal’s love for the sport is matched only by her enjoyment of books, TV shows, and thrilling travel adventures.

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